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August 11, 2008

We have received a 3 part series of articles on Obama, Kenya and Obama’s ties to Raila Odinga, Islam, communists and Obama’s hidden agendas. We are presenting the articles as we received them. For more information about Obama and his Kenya connections, read the new book by Jerome Corsi, “Obama Nation.” Here is the Last of three parts:

ODM Action Plan as

Executed in Obama’s US

Campaign: A Checklist


By Jacquerie

Part 3


1. Both candidates represent radical factions. Obama’s short list includes Rezko, with his secret MidEast money trail; Wm Ayres with whom he funded Muslim causes; Farrakan, head of the Nation of Islam and many others. 

2. Both campaigns are substantially funded by secret
PACs, multi-layering contributions which makes them difficult to trace. 

3, Both use propaganda denouncing ‘Corruption.” The theme of Obama speeches in Kenya for Odinga have been echoed throughout his own US campaign.   

4. Both employ vague rhetoric extolling the need for “
CHANGE!” – the same Kenya ODM battle cry heard, ad nauseum, in Obama’s campaign here.

5. Each identify themselves as leaders of a “
Movement” – as if to deflect attention away from the candidate to incite “mob” energy, most often extolling popular platitudes rather than addressing specific issues.

5. Both employ core strategy of “seek(ing) to elevate the emotions within young constituents
.” Consider D. Brazille’s boasts of Obama’s popularity with new voters as well as his primary season targeting of college campuses. Lowest of all these youth grab tactics, may be the current explicit democratic party sponsored internet sex ads, which suggests that single young men will be sex-deprived if they support the senior McCaine over the hip Obama.

6. Ridicule of “old people.” is a strategy to usurp respect for existing leadership. The ODM candidate, by contrast, is surrounded by the youthful “promise of a buoyant future.” Just last week 2 young MSM bloggers extolled how
“cool and hip Obama is” describing McCaine as “old and dumpy.” The insinuation is McCain is unfit to lead because of his age. Similar internet insults of both Clintons were rampant during the primary season. One would think we were voting for American Idol, not the leader of the free world!

7 The ODM Action Plan call –
trigger a class war” by focusing on issues of “ disparity ” explains why Obama, the candidate who touts up “unity” routinely engenders divisiveness between virtually all interest groups. Surely, we recall classic strategy of ancient Roman – to “divide and conquer.”

8. ODM’s adage: “Elevate emotions to gain protest votes” is the “conquest” which follows the incitement of “class warfare” to divide. As a middle aged American, I’ve always been familiar with references to the “middle class” as our country’s great strength. In Obama’s clever dissembling of the “middle class,” we have been subtly shifted to the language of the “
working class “ the “ working poor ”, etc. Clearly the “middle class” is Obama’s worst enemy were it to remain one cohesive  

voting bloc. His background of “black theology” holds “middle class-ness” in         contempt as exemplified by many of Reverend Wright’s tirades, Michelle Obama speeches and Obama’s own“ bittergate ” comments . His more recent energy-solution of giving up “your SUV’s and his open disdain for English speaking Americans in Europe follow the same line.

9. When it comes to “reinforce promises of jobs and economic gains
to supporters and “retain discipline among the party leadership, we can see a summary of Dean and Axelrod’s            illegitimate Super Delegate sweep, in flagrant violation of the voters in numerous state primaries. Could be the Obama campaign has, as the ODM plan instructs, been “ remind(ing) these party leaders of their own vulnerability.”

10. Come election day, the ODM call for “manipulation of voter turn-out
” with “ discouragement of voter participation in hostile areas.” This was reflected in innumerable reports of Caucus fraud in this spring’s campaign. These were so intentional as to demonstrate careful     advance planning. As we all know, it was these caucuses that established Obama’s press “momentum.”  Caucus outcomes, which hardly reflected the “Will of the People, were reported to include aggressive participation busloads of youthful Obama supporters. As caucuses, historically, have involved small groups of local political devotees, verifying documentation of residency, etc. are not usually part of the rules of that process.

11.  We could call last one “when all else fails
”, since the ODM even planned a strategy for “winning” – vehemently implimented after Odinga lost the popular vote. Well organized riots and violence followed large, advance sales of machetes, carried along with gasoline cans, by ODM supporters, into predominantly Christian areas. There was no question, in the eyes of the world, that those who refused to support Odinga were punished with homelessness and even death. Threats , even of death, against critics of Obama, have been shocking and frequent. These include more than one online stopobama publisher, a popular AA radio host driven into early retirement, another PA talk radio opponent, as well as a woman activist who heads an anti-obama group. As for the topic of rigged election, bloggers have reported the formation and threats of “Recreate 68,” as far back as April. This well organized, well funded radical group’s website not only recruits “protesters” for the August convention (should Obama still meet with opposition) but offers techniques and strategies for intimidating convention delegates and inciting violence around the site.  

All the above together barely equal the greatest power of persuasion in the ODM Action Plan: the manipulative use of the telecommunications industry – on all levels, from internet bloggers and forums to viral emails, from major newspapers to radio stations and mainstream TV, as well as affiliate magazines. Obama, as many well know, has perfected the channeling of his misinformation network to an Orwellian art form.  

Having wistfully hoped that the pro-Obama media barage might diminish post primary season, just the opposite is happening. That the American public has slept through the gradual  takeover of our airwaves is explained by the fact that MainStreamMedia is controlled by a relatively short list of corporate giants, as follows. The full list is longer, but here is a brief:  

CNN is owned by Time Warner, which also owns AOL, Road Runner, People, Fortune, Turner and HBO – and, among other holdings, now provides digital phone service.  

CBS is owned by Viacom which also owns many TV stations as well as 116 radio stations.  

MSNBC and NBC are owned by GE, which merged with Microsoft/Microsoft tried to buy out yahoo/google. Gannet, also a partner with GE owns NY Times, Washington Times and Tribune, USA today, many military publications and many UK newspapers. Paxxon Communications, with many radio stations its holdings is also a partner to GE. 

GE , the world’s largest corporation, also builds aircraft engines, produces turbines and equipment for nuclear reactors and power plants, military hardware and owns numerous finances commercial investments, manufactures industrial systems, medical systems and transportation monitoring systems. As the consummate military machine, GE is recently under fire for doing business with Iran despite its denials of doing so.


In review of this list, it doesn’t take much imagination to realize the record-breaking Obama media buys get a big bang for their buck, in establishing partisan bias on TV networks millions rely on for “objective information.” Even beyond TV ‘news” few Americans realize that corporate media control extends throughout news magazines, newspapers, across radio waves and the internet as well. It is worth noting that the largest holdings are also affiliated with military and energy investments. Obama’s recent FISA vote to protect telecoms may be no coincidence either. 

The Obama campaign’s  unprecedented manipulation of public media even includes reports of
subliminal sabotage of his primary opponent’s video ads. Respect for the first Amendment of the US Constitution not being a priority in the ODM approach to winning at all costs.  

The Battle for “Public Opinion” undertaken by the Obama campaign doesn’t even stop with US voters. A portion of his Official Campaign website dedicated to a “Global Campaign” stated that “you don’t have to be American to have a vote in this election!” Although that feature, like so many has vanished under scrutiny, another astute observer picked up on Obama’s “ Beyond National Action ” campaign.   Here is a small sampling of other “scrubbed web links.”  

Another alarming peculiarity of Obama’s website is a KIDS FOR OBAMA program. This originally opened with a statement encouraging children under 12 to influence this election, saying “Studies have proven that children can influence the votes of their parents and older siblings. . . . Get involved!” Like Obama’s own version of the Presidential Seal, this suspicious statement has been discarded. However, the activity of indoctrinating children has only expanded. The campaign’s organized activities for kiddies include: writing your local news editors, finding a pen pal” and, how about “ take an adult to the polls on election day and encourage them to vote for you by voting for Senator Obama .” The first key step in this indoctrination program starts with hosting a party or sleep-over. As the photo on this page shows, your child and their innocent guests will get a good talking to by an adult Obama recruiter.

Read on for the push to remain “ really dedicated to the cause ” by sharing in

Obama blogs – with other new friends from far-away places. This all looks so cheery, what’s it got to do with the ODM? Remember their Action Plan’s is founded upon “ emotionally exciting youth .” The only other historic and overt mobilization of mere children, outside of Jihad terrorism, were under Hitler and Mao. Both were terrifyingly successful. The young, after all, are most liable to identify with excitable, idealistic rhetoric as well as blind hero worship .    

Bearing in mind that the ODM consider a campaign to be no less than a war, and that Islamic terrorists believe lies are acceptable tactics in this war, one can understand that the more people you can get to believe your lies, the more pressure you can exert upon those who do not. “If a lie may be caused to appear to be more “plausible” by standards of popular opinion or something like that, we are told that we must show respect for the feelings of the liar, and must thus       embrace the lie, and damn the truth.”  

The ODM’s most glaring lie of all, was Odinga’s denial of Muslim afilliation – until his secret accord with the NAMLEF was leaked to the press. Bearing in mind, Obama’s ongoing relationship with Odinga and this US Senator’s support of the ODM campaign, the agreement which Odinga signed with Muslim leaders should be under the scrutiny of Congress and all Americans who support Obama for President. Coincidentally, Odinga, like Obama, claims to be a Christian which is strange, considering the contents of his signed Sharif agreement for Kenya. It could value American voters to recognize that Odinga attempted to deny and hide this agreement, excerpts of which follow here:  

Odinga’s Memorandum of Understanding with National Muslim Leaders includes the following commitments:

1. “ An immediate ban on women’s public dress .. swine meat factories are to be closed down and all alcoholic beverages prohibited. ” 2. “The Council of Islamic Leaders are given oversight to monitor all other religions and all religious activity requires their approval.” 3. Christian “Gospel preaching is outlawed on KBC, the National broadcaster.” 4. “ The Kenya Anti-Terror Police Unit (ATPU) are to be disbanded.” 5. Within 6 months of Odinga assuming leadership the Kenya constitution is to be rewritten, recognizing Sharif as the only law in Muslim declared regions.” 6. Sharif courts are to be set up within 1 year and Islam is to be popularized as the only true religion (in said regions) with

primary schools throughout all Kenya to conduct daily madrassa classes. 7. All Muslims residing in Kenya are to be granted full National Identity cards within 6 months of Odinga sworn in as President” . . . . . . . . . .                                   and, of vital interest to US and international security: 8. No Muslim in Kenya, whether citizen or visitor, shall be subjected to laws of a foreign       country and any seized for Terrorism or any other international crime will only be tried in Kenya and given choice of defense, at the expense of the Kenya government.”    

This is a synopsis of some edicts in the agreement Odinga signed. This last point quoted appears to make Kenya an absolute refuge for all international terrorists . It is neither reasonable nor    responsible to imagine that Obam is unaware of this orange -alert Agreement signed on by the candidate he supported for Kenya’s presidency! Obama’s own tenuous stands on Iraq, Iran and terrorism could jump this up to a red-alert.  

Connecting the dots from the US to Kenya and beyond  

Some say Barack is the Manchurian Candidate. Others claim he is a Muslim. The Christian missionaries, whose letters began this investigative inquiry are convinced he is at the center of a well planned international jihad. Not 

surprisingly, they refuse to make further public statements in concern for their personal safety. Since when have death threats been a systematic aspect of Presidential politics? Since Obama brought the ODM to America! As one who initially perceived Obama to be a pawn in a Republican game to knock out Hillary Clinton, months of exhausting research has now indicated there is much more beneath his campaign’s idyllic image. The Muslim verses Christian question is worth examination because it speaks to not only his affiliations, but his values and intention. On that note, the following facts are enlightening and substantiated:  

1. One observer notes “ Islam, today, is a political and military movement masquerading as a religion. ” Controversy about Obama’s Muslim affiliations are a viable political issue, just as his socialist connections are. We are all aware that America, as a nation, was founded in freedom of religion. However, it was also founded in separation of church and state. The current Jihad, vehemently publicly pronounced upon Western culture, uses religion to espouse anti-American and violent political action. It is, then, politics in the guise of religion. This, then, makes it a     legitimate National Security issue. Obama consistently avoids publicity about his original political power base, with its blend of Islamic

and socialist connections including Rezko, Auchi, Ayres, Pfleger and even including Nation of Islam members, employed in his campaign offices. Why? Obama also ducks questions- or issues denials – related to his Muslim heritage and allegiances that have supported and endorsed him and to which he has contributed. Why? While Obama disclaims his Islamic connections, he is openly, publicly endorsed by the leaders of major fascist and terrorist regimes including: HAMAS, Iran and most recently North Korea . Why?  

2. While Obama continues to insist he is a practicing Christian, during his childhood attendance in a Catholic school, in Indonesia, he was listed as a Muslim and, thus, exempted from religious training. When he transferred to a Muslim school his education included daily Islamic education and prayer. Attempts to sort out the facts of his background demonstrate that Obama’s own first biography, “Dreams of My Father” is broadly laced with fictitious recollections. His only recorded Christian affiliation as an adult with TUCC, follows black theology tenets more political than religious. Along with his numerous Muslim family connections and endorsements, Obama’s brand of Christianity smacks more of radical political activism that it represents recogized doctrines of Jesus Christ.  Recently, his misuse of the Bible for campaign stumping has been condemned by a well known Christian radio host, And despite his current vote luring emphasis on the importance of faith, here is a puzzling, little known Obama quote: 


“At some fundamental level, religion …. (is) the art of the impossible. If God has spoken, then followers are expected to live up to God’s edicts . . . to base one’s life on such uncompromising commitments would be sublime.To base our policy making on such commitments would be a dangerous thing.” excerpt from July 3, 2006 interview with Pulitzer prize winning reporter, Jim Hoagland.

3. First cousins, Obama and Odinga maintain contact. Odinga’s recent US visit (virtually ignored by US media) has placed him in a powerful position of negotiating diplomatic and financial agreements with the US, in the name of Kenya, in his“negotiated” post of Prime Minister (which was Odinga’s prize for calling off the street violence.  Obama played an active role in these      “negotiations” but has maintained silence about the ODM’s wholesale slaughter of Kenyans and Odinga’s Sharia commitment to Muslim Sharia rule. “Friends of Senator B.O.” supplied substantial capital to the ODM campaign, as did the Muslim NAMLEF.

4. Obama’s Presidential bid has turned the established Democratic party upside-dowvirtually casting aside voting blocs of the party’s historic base, while mobilizing nearly the entire bloc of African Americans- some say with hints of reparations for slavery, and though while the  candidate avoids that subject, he has avid supporters for whom this is a central cause.   This contingent could become a solid base  – a la ODM class war strategy . His other stronghold, the first time voter bloc (lured by his call for Change!) seems not to notice his ever-shifting stands on crucial issues.  In view of its new demographic emphasis and lack of democratic process, the current Democratic Party could be rightfully called the Obama Democratic Movement.

5. Based on his personal biography, the influences in Barack Obama’s life have been a unique blend of atheistic socialism, accented by a Muslim father and stepfather, Muslim training in his youth, a Communist mentor in his teens, radical promoters of his entrance into politics, a wife whose thesis advocated ‘separatism” over integration, a Middle East backed financier of his early political career and a boundlessly wealthy anti-American backer of his Presidential bid.

-Not only has his campaign been grounded in US radicals and international terrorist endorsements, it is currently establishing an unheard of call for global pressure on this
jihad That Obama is more sympathetic to “Global Interests” than American interests is rather self-evident at this point. The financial ledgers of his campaign are too riddled with $4600 donations (the maximum limit) by the “unemployed” including “unemployed students” and PAC’s to make credible his 

claim that grass roots internet donors have funded his staggering primary media campaign. This new US ODM party (formerly known as the Democratic party) expects this cash cow to keep delivering and even the most naive can no longer believe this money trail is traceable to small individual contributions. Yet, already down-ticket Democratic candidates are complaining that the 50 state strategic offices focus on Obama to the exclusion of local races. 
6. At the same time, Obama networking within the terrorist web seems to carry on, below the radar of public attention. Why did the
Gaza Strip have a  Palestinian phone bank calling for support of his primary campaign? And why has there been so little press on his diplomatic misspeak regarding Iran ? No Presidential candidate in history has so arrogantly and irresponsibly extended his global outreach, prior to earning the White House. Why, for instance, was Governor of New Mexico, Bill Richardson, a potential Obama running mate, meeting with Venezuala’s Hugo Chavez , a vocal anti-American progapandist? Was it mere coincidence that not long after Chavez flew to Cuba for meetings with Castro? Here are other questions worth asking?

Why did Obama dash from a GM worker meet-and-greet in Michigan, with no time to answer questions, only to dash to a pre-arranged meeting with
Qazwini , a chief US fundraiser for the terror corps Hezbollah? Could we believe that Obama is so naive he does not know that the Secretary of Homeland Security has said Hezbollah makes Al Queda look like a minor league? Why were 2 young Muslim women , at a rally, removed from camera view and not reported by MSM to be members of a Sunni terrorist arm? And why does Obama seem confident of winning Michigan despite disenfranchising the Democratic voter base there? Is it because Michigan has one of the highest US populations of Muslims?    

Why was Odinga , Obama’s Kenya ODM counterpart, recently hosted by US Secretary of State, Finance Committee, and other high US officials with only sketchy news of these meetings coming from overseas press? And why would his lobbying for Class A Kenya air status into US air fields even be considered, in view of his signed intention to provide haven for terrorists in Kenya, with no extradition? Why has Obama, who holds dual citizenship with Kenya, after       ignoring Odinga’s slaughter there, or any meeting the two recently had here in US, shifted attention on condemning similar tactics in Zimbabwe ? And why is our ally, Kenya’s “Grand Coalition” government showing favor in selling their oil to Libya below other US friendly offers?  

Unfortunately, this expanding web of terrorist allies continues to connect their dots beneath the radar of US media. What they have in common, beneath their seemingly diverse labels, is their fervent anti-Americanism. This web is interwoven into the fabric of ODM’s Muslim pact and the Obama- ODM connection. It’s fair to ask what else the ODM  has in store for an unsuspecting American public? We certainly know enough, however, to answer Lou Dobbs, who in calling the candidate, among other things “soulless” demanded:  “Why is Barack Obama so comfortable with people who hate America?” The answer could lie in the fact that, oddly enough, this US candidate for President is said to discreetly hold dual citizenship in both the US and Kenya , which again begs the question of where this Presidential hopeful’s real allegiances lie? When it comes to uncovering the truth of Obama, the dots seem to go on…. and on…. and on … and, as they do, they only continue to define the dangers of an Obama Presidency.