Citizens for the truth about Obama

Citizens for the Truth about Obama

  Citizens of the U.S. often feel powerless over their lives.
  The 2008 election has fostered a new type of feeling of frustration
  and powerlessness. Barack Obama has risen from obscurity to
  be the frontrunner of the Democrat Party. Little was known
  about Senator Obama before he entered the race in 2007. Sadly,
  most people do not know the real Obama for a variety of reasons.

     The Democrat Party did not investigate his past or chose to
     ignore it.

     The main stream media has given Obama a free ride and for the
     most part swooned over him.

     The Obama Campaign, in a long term, well orchestrated effort,
     has engaged in a crusade to distort and remove information.
     In addition, diversions have consistently been used by Obama
     and his campaign to divert attention away from the serious
     aspects of Obama.

  Despite attempts to distort and remove information from the
  internet and attacks on anyone questioning Obama’s past, the
  internet has remained one of the few places to present the
  truth about Obama, and to a wide audience. Much has been
  discovered about Obama and his past, and the severity of
  this information is alarming to concerned citizens. What is
  more alarming is that many Americans are not aware of it.
  There are two broad categories of facts about Obama. The first
  includes Obama’s long time associations with anti semites,
  anti Americans, social deviants, etc. The second category is
  what we have chosen for this petition. Long time associations
  and business dealings with crime and corruption as well
  as violating the law. These facts are more suitable to launch
  a congressional investigation and are well documented. In fact,
  much of the documentation comes from the aftermath of the
  Tony Rezko trial and subsequesnt indictments. Barack Obama
  is closely tied to Tony Rezko and crime and corruption in
  Chicago and Illinois. Obama was mentioned numerous times
  during the Rezko trial and some of the data gathered during
  the investigation was withheld. Dr. Robert Weinstein, with
  ties to Obama, was just indicted. Patrick Fitzgerald, the
  federal prosecutor, may indict Obama next.

  This petition is a grass roots effort springing from the
  concern of millions of Americans. Many of us have asked
  questions. Where is the MSM? Where is the judicial branch?
  We have a right to petition our government. This is a way
  to get their attention. We encourage you to sign our
  petition, but also to copy it or type your own, sign it
  and send it to your senator, representative. This is still the
  most powerful way to get their attention.

  We also encourage you to learn more about the real Barack
  Obama. Do the research the MSM has failed to do. Ask
  questions. Dig past the attempts of the Obama Campaign
  to rewrite history.

  Thanks and God bless America.

Sign the petition here:


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